Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Pyramid (Diet Analysis)


I like this website with regards to healthy nutrition.  My favorite part in this website is the "Spotlights," which has 4-categories: Food Groups, Diet guidelines, Interactive Tools and Let's Move.


food groups thumbnailFood Groups
Info about food groups, healthy eating tips, and more
Dietary Guidelines for AmericansDietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 For a Healthier Life

interactive tools thumbnailInteractive Tools Daily food plans, food and activity tracker, & moreLet's Move logoLet's Move!The First Lady's campaign to raise healthier kids

All of these 4 categories are very helpful! They help me measure my food portion, create a daily food plans, and promote a healthy living style.  I love my body and I want to treat it well.

Also, there's a section for Preschoolers, Kids (great guides for children), Pregnant and Breastfeeding mothers, too.  There's also weight loss section for those who needs them.  As for me, I want to gain weight.

Take 5 mins and surf through this site, very helpful website, very user friendly, fun and cool too!

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