Saturday, March 5, 2011

Eat Yo Fish!

Why Fish? Based on University of Maryland Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids, and "essential" means our body needs them but can' t make them - you have to get them from food. "Fish such as salmon, tuna, and halibut, other seafood including algae and krill, some plants, and nut oils contains Omega-3. Omega-3 is known to lower risk of chronic diseases suchas heart disease, cancer, and arthritis." Good stuff? Eat Yo Fish.

155 5th Street 
Huntington Beach, CA

 Om nom nom away.... my 5 days of hair-pulling, moody, mouth watering craving for sushi was satisfied here at RA Sushi. Yup! Uh huh! Before going through my yummiliciousdytodiefor dishes, I would like to compliment on its environment and interior design.

Location location location... it's located directly across from the Huntington Beach pier and has a shorter-than-short distance walk to Main St., where the bar hopping happens. 

The restaurant was evenly divided - half for bar and the other half was for diner. There were loud music, which is perfect to get the weekend night started! Ummm.... just loud music, can't really hear the rowdiness. I like the red color theme (partially it's because I laughed at my friends for looking red all night).  There were these floating light orb from the ceilings - really pretty. I didn't bring a camera, so I couldn't take a picture to share.  However, their website has a full gallery section for you to check out This place is perfect for friends gathering... you know, grab a bite, grab a drink and catch up.

Happy Hours: Mon. - Sat. 3-7pm
I spoiled myself with varieties of foods so that I get nutrients from different food groups. Protein, iron, carbohydrate, vitamin c, omega-3 

  1. Miso soup - all good ingredients, no powder
  2.  PORK GYOZA - potstickers served with a ponzu sauce (what is ponzu sauce? No idea, but it has a lil sour taste to it)
  3.  SHISHITO PEPPERS - sauteed - yummeeeh!
  4. SALMON CARPACCI - thinly sliced salmon sashimi with wasabi infused oil
  5. BEEF TATAKI ROLL* - artichoke, asparagus, roasted red pepper & avocado rolled & topped with seared beef; served with a creamy wasabi sauce & drizzled with black peppers
  6. CHICKEN OTOKO SALAD - grilled chicken breast tossed in a spicy yuzu dressing with grilled red & green bell peppers, served over a bed of mixed greens


Oh man! that Coconut Creme Brulee was bomb! Foods tasted so good that I wanted to cry! No really,  I believe that foods taste better when shared or fight over with friends.

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