Thursday, March 31, 2011



I was here last night with my special someone <3

After dinner, we drove to Orange for dessert. We enjoyed the Strawberry Creme Brulee waffle.  It was bomb!! Vanilla creme brulee stuffed inside a waffle with loaded of fresh strawberries.  It's a bit too sweet for my date but it sure satisfied my sweet tooth. Puaahaa. The waffle was really crispy and oooh-so-yummy.

Anyways, Bruxie is located in the city of Orange (Orange Old Town) diagonal from Chapman University. They have more than just desserts.  There are also burgers and sandwiches.  Follow link above, Yelp it for more pictures. This place seem to be popular.  I drove by this place the other night and there was a long line wrapped around the corner. The only negative about this place is limited seat and parking space - - after all, it's not a restaurant.

I would definitely come back to Orange Old Town for a walk while enjoying my dessert.

Bruxie's Sweet Menu makes me happy.

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